Ensure your home remains secure to provide you with peace of mind 

Your home serves as your sanctuary, where safety and security are paramount. So have you considered safeguarding it during uncertain times?

Income Protection provides a substitute income if you are unable to work due to ill-health, ensuring you can meet mortgage payments and daily expenses. It offers; security for you and your family, monthly tax-free income after an agreed waiting period, payments until you return to work, the term ends, coverage expires, or in case of death, assistance with mortgage and other commitments, and also supplemental earnings upon return to part-time or lower-earning work roles.
Imagine recovering fully from a severe illness, like a heart attack, or supporting your child if they fell seriously ill without having to rush back to work because you have no money coming in. Critical Illness Cover also covers your children and offers; a tax-free lump sum upon critical illness diagnosis, support for you and your family, coverage for children, a lump sum to reduce or clear your mortgage and the option to add protection for additional conditions at extra cost.
If you were to die, life insurance can ensure your loved ones can stay in the family home. Life Insurance covers; a tax-free lump sum upon death, funds to pay off or reduce mortgage and debts and protection for you and your family. It is also combinable with Critical Illness Cover and you can write the policy in trust or specify in your will who should receive the proceeds.

Mortgage lenders require insurance for freehold properties. Can you afford repairs or replacements for significant damage? Policies cover a variety of instances including; home structure damage, garages and outbuilding damage, alternative accommodation costs, replacement locks and keys, matching items coverage and liability protection for injuries or property damage.
Protect belongings within and outside your home with Contents Insurance which can; cover loss or damage to possessions, guard garden items, outbuildings and furniture, replace undamaged set items like curtains or dining chairs, reimburse spoiled food from power loss or freezer breakdown, and offer new-for-old replacements.