The core value required for success and what 40 years in the property industry teaches you

Published November 24 2021
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The only source of knowledge is experience – Albert Einstein

You may not know this but Mike Sharman, Managing Director of Sharman Quinney, has been in the property industry now for an impressive 40 years!

Joining the industry before it was even legal to have a drink, Mike arose fresh out of school and straight into estate agency- which has proven to be a great move. 

Mike started his career with William H Brown, in the Oakham and Stamford branches. It was here where the first seed of industry knowledge was planted and where Mike gained an insight into the basis of estate agency.

Moving on fairly swiftly, at the tender age of 19 Mike joined a company in Melton Mowbray. Here’s where he learned how to list properties, which later evolved into taking on his first branch manager job in Lutterworth, South Leicestershire. 

Taking the driving seat in building a profitable branch, several valuable skill sets were accrued at this point; which would later aid in the manifestation of Sharman Quinney.

By 22 Mike was Peterborough bound as a valuer for Hunters, who were later bought by the William H Brown Group. 

From here it wasn’t long until Mike was asked to run their Northampton branch; which progressed into his first Area Manger position- running four branches in Suffolk. This evolved into 16 branches in South Cambridgeshire and Essex. 


1989 was the year that everything changed. Mike Sharman and Steve Quinney, who retired in 2015, choose to team up and open their own chain of real estate agents.

An amalgamation of surnames and voila! Sharman Quinney was born.

Since then the Sharman Quinney Group has continued to grow at an extraordinary pace; now accounting for one of the largest real estate groups in the Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire areas. 

Today boasting over 20 branches and having acquired 3 subsequent brands; which you may know as Pattison Lane, Hurfords and Kevin Henry.

In 2003, the Sharman Quinney Group joined the Connells Group; who collaboratively own estate agencies across the the UK.


Mike comments:

“People ask me why I’m still working in the industry and the answer is simple, because I love what I do. The advice I continuously give to people who question their career choice is this- only ever do a job you love.

“I often remind my peers that it’s not always just about the money. Focus on what you are passionate about. Passion drives motivation. This supplies the power to improve and grow within a chosen industry and with that, the money will follow. 

“I have had a passion for the property industry for a long time and I am lucky enough to have found that passion at a young age. A big driving force behind this, comes down to the fact that the very nature of the property industry brings out my competitive nature; which stems from my sporting background.” 


The ten key ingredients for success: 

After 40 years in the industry, Mike believes that the ten key ingredients for success are:

1. Passion

2. Ambition

3. Drive

4. Integrity

5. Clarity of mind

6. Complete understanding of the industry 

7. Getting the right people, to do the right job

8. Inspirational

9. Self-motivated 

10. Motivational


After decades of success the Sharman Quinney Group are always striving for growth and progression.

This starts with employing the right people, into the right roles and supporting them through their journey

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